Internet Consulting

The Rise of Internet Consulting in 2015

Internet consulting continues to soar in global popularity. With the new digital age upon us, countless clients and firms are seeking professional Web marketing services across the board. These services are designed to effectively market an array of products and services to mass audiences. They also help brands establish strong online presences – as well as better page rankings on Google and higher visibility. Internet consulting agencies employ industry leading web designers, graphics specialists, social media gurus, and marketing professionals. These experts have the tools and expertise to propel brands to new heights in their respective niches, sectors, and industries.

Internet Consulting Services

Internet consulting covers a broad spectrum of services for new and existing clients. These services are designed to secure stronger leads and recurring business for brands. They also foster greater growth and expansion for businesses, while helping them remain competitively viable in their respective industries. As always, complimentary consultations are available for clients – which are a great way to effectively put ideas into fruition. Whether looking to secure stronger conversion rates for sites or meet Google’s White Hat criteria, Internet consultants can truly achieve any and all desired results. With web marketing services, clients are assured optimal results within time and budget. Services include:

·         Website creation – development – revamping existing sites, blogs, and online stores.

·         Content creation for sites, blogs, press releases, CMS, and social media profiles.

·         Gripping and eye-catching graphics for sites, digital business cards, logos, and corporate collateral and marketing pieces.

·         Promotional videos – business ads – strategic keyword placement – PPC – link-building.

·         Social media integration – profiles – responsive web design – keyword analysis and assessment.

·         Google marketing –  back-links – citations – local search results

·         Traditional advertising, fliers, posters, banners, and TV/radio spots.

Internet Consulting Quotes

With Internet consulting services continuing to be in high demand, clients receive timely quotes from leading providers and brands. These are usually accessible at sites, and are truly convenient across the board. Due to the nature of the industry, quotes depend on the services that clients need. They also depend on how small or extensive the online marketing or advertising project is. In a nutshell, service quotes can range from a few hundred to well over thousands of dollars – depending on the nature of the requests and how intricate the marketing campaign will be. The following is an example of a quote request via Salient Fox – a Chicago based Internet marketing and SEO agency:

“Hello Salient Fox. We are a local landscaping company looking to build a new site with better social media integration and mobile marketing. Please respond ASAP.”