Search Engine Optimization & social media In 2016

The Importance of Social Media Integration in SEO

No online marketing or SEO campaign is ever complete without social media integration. From Facebook to Twitter, there are now over 500,000 global companies listed within these platforms. The social media networks are vital in establishing brand validity and awareness – while helping businesses secure higher visibility across Google and vast digital networks. With precise and concise profiles, you can truly extend your brands reach on the Web. Clients are also able to generate a lasting buzz about their products and services, while targeting niche, core, or mass audiences. According to SEO experts and industry gurus, companies without a strong online and social media presence are literally targeting less than half of the consumer buying base.

Social Signals and Back-links

As the world’s largest and most popular search engine, Google continues to be a central hub for SEO and marketing tools. As part of its recent updates and changes to algorithm, all sites must have relevant and high-quality content. Failure to abide by these White Hat criteria can result in dwindling rankings or even permanent removal from the search engine all together. Furthermore, all sites and online venues must also be optimized for mobile viewing. This allows your pages to be accessible via wireless, remote, and digital devices. Google has also mandated that sites have effective social media integration – since they rely on social signals and trends to determine recurring web traffic and customer patronage. These statistics are also vital in link-building, which connects clients and visitors to the products and services they seek online.

Social Media and Local Search Results

Social media integration also plays a vital role in local search result listings. In fact, embedded and keywords are instrumental in link-building, as well as in connecting clients to the specific services and products they seek. With localization, SEO is designed to secure the above but at a strong grassroots level. This means your site, blog, or online store appears in local results, citations, maps, and listings. With any social media campaign, however, the “less is more” approach is crucial. This means your content has to be streamlined and centralized across the board. The use of consistent templates also establishes uniformity in design, while content must be easy to scan and digest.

Social Media Experts

If you are ready to take your brand to the next level, local SEO and social media experts can achieve your desired results. With years of extensive industry experience, they have the tools and expertise to help your business remain competitively viable. Contact us today and experience the results!