Top 5 social media marketing trends for 2016

The internet social marketing strategy is getting very competitive and it is very imperative to be a step ahead from your competitors.  The burden is upon us to come with new ideas that can help this approach survive other means that might erupt in 2016. 2016 is appearing to be promising with new trends that you have to watch out for. Getting a clue about these 2016 trends will help you plan and budget appropriately. We do not want you to be taken an aware. However, you can keep room for chances of things remaining the same but being agile and updated is the best way to be fully prepared for any changes. New waves of social media platforms like Periscope or Snapchat will see to your company’s success if put in place.

Live social media

New social media is proving to be taking the lead. This is because they give the users that live experience when chatting and communicating with one another. Periscope, Blab, and Snapchat is almost in every body’s top phone apps. For a successful social marketing hack, put these apps in your top list as the new wave of social media marketing platforms in 2016. Live streaming apps are taking the social world by storm and Facebook if it doesn’t pull up their game it will only be an option for users.

Publishing platforms on social media

Facebook’s Instant Articles online publishing platform should be something to look out for in 2016. Not only Facebook will keep this going but other social media platforms are going to come up with improved social apps angling not only to get customers, but to keep them as well. This kind of social competition should be a focus for improved and high service delivery in terms of social marketing in 2016.

Mobile and ecommerce

The introduction of the buy button by the social media big heads like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, be ready for other social apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine take the same route. In 2016, In-app innovation will be the top agenda for all social media platforms. It will be a very good thing most especially for social marketers.

Privacy and user security

Following this years security breaches like the infamous Ashley Madison, user are now very demanding on how safe is their data and information online. Snapchat has seen an explosive user range due to a more secure communication means it has secured for its users. In 2016 only social media platforms that offer adequate security to users will thrive. This should be taken in to note by online social marketers.

Organic visibility will see an increase.

By 2016, social marketing will become more accessible to many businesses; this will be very advantageous and create competition. The competition in organic visibility has pioneered Facebook to regulate people to buy advertising. This is likely going to raise advertising costs in 2016 due to this regulation.