Website Hosting 2016

Website Hosting With the best customer service for 2016

Website Hosting With the Best Customer Service For 2016

For your business to succeed in the coming year, you need to have an online presence. Part of that is a good web host – your website should sit on a platform that is stable. It remains up to you to find the best host possible. There are three companies that have excelled in the past year and you can be sure that by choosing any of these3, you will be getting the best web hosting any business can hope for. They are SiteGround, WP Engine and A2 Hosting. These companies have retained a large number of customers and all of them enjoy hosting services with a difference. Here is what you will get if you choose SiteGround, WP Engine or A2 Hosting:

•    There is no downtime. Downtime is any time that potential clients try to reach your website but don’t succeed because the website is down. This can cost you a lot of money and you lose the trust of clients. As hosts, these 3 companies are great at ensuring that their clients’ websites are up all the time. If there is any accidental downtime they are quick to resolve the problem.

•    All 3 companies are very serious about security. One of the biggest concerns for businesses today is security. They want to know that their websites cannot be hacked. SiteGround, WP Engine and A2 Hosting all use superior software to protect all their clients.

•    Speed is very important when it comes to dedicated web hosting. The speeds that SiteGround, WP Engine and A2 Hosting offer are to be reckoned with. Websites load fast allowing your pot6ential clients to get to your website in record time.

•    All three host a variety of platforms. Whether your website is on WordPress, Joomla, Magento or any other platform they are able to accommodate it.

•    They all have incredible support teams. If you have a problem or a query you can be sure that there is someone at the other end who is ready with the answers that you are looking for.

•    They understand that they are working with small businesses just like yours and that is why they have different packages – you pay for what you can afford.

•    The do site backups regularly which means that in the event that there is a glitch you don’t lose any of the information on your website.

Don’t take risks with hosts that are yet to prove themselves. Contact SiteGround, WP Engine or A2 Hosting because they are the best in the business.